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Jig Machine Working Principle

2023-04-05 16:39:29

The working principle of the jig machine is basically based on the specific gravity (density) of the minerals, and then the light and heavy minerals are discharged separately.

(1) The ore particles are mainly stratified according to the specific gravity in the jig. The jig machine can not only sort narrow-grade ore particles, but also effectively sort wide-grade and non-graded ore particles.

(2) In the jigging process, the higher the specific gravity of the medium and the greater the specific gravity difference between the ore particles, the higher the separation efficiency.

(3) Maintaining the necessary looseness of the bed is a prerequisite for stratification. Insufficient bed looseness makes it difficult for ore particles to transfer to each other, thus losing the possibility of stratification. Therefore, in the jigging process, try to extend the time that the bed is in a loose state as much as possible to increase the processing capacity of the jig machine and improve the sorting effect.

(4) The influence of the grain size and shape of the mineral particles on the stratification mainly occurs in the period when the relative movement speed between the mineral particles and the medium is relatively high. Therefore, when sorting non-classified materials, during the jigging cycle, the period of relatively high velocity should be shortened as much as possible and the period of relatively high velocity should be prolonged to keep the bed with greater compactness.

(5) The rising water flow should have a large positive acceleration and a small negative acceleration; the falling water flow should have a small positive acceleration and a large negative acceleration.

(6) The suction effect of descending water flow is an aspect of jigging stratification, which can improve the jigging effect of narrow grade and ungraded mineral particles, but the strength and duration of suction effect should be selected according to the nature of the raw material.

(7) When jigging fine-grained ore, appropriately increasing the frequency of water movement in the jig machine can improve the sorting effect.

(8) Appropriately adding some fine mineral particles with high specific gravity to the bed layer can improve the jigging effect of non-classified ore, but the jigging machine must be re-adjusted to strengthen the suction effect.