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Chrome Mining Ore Production Line

2023-04-05 16:39:35

Processing Technology

For chromium ore beneficiation, there are multiple methods such as gravity separation, flotation, and magnetic separation. We will give the final beneficiation method based on the ore analysis report and the beneficiation test report.

Gravity Separation

The main ore beneficiation process commonly used for gravity separation is: the chromium ore fines that have been crushed to a reasonable fineness are cleaned and classified by the spiral classifier with the help of the different specific gravity of the solid particles and the different precipitation speeds in the liquid. Then use a jig machine and a shaker to wash the materials, and transport them to a spiral chute for sorting fine-grained mineral powder.

Flotation & Magnetic Separation

After screening, it is sent to a flotation machine or a magnetic separator, and the concentrate that enters the flotation is dehydrated.


The dewatered concentrate continues to be sent to the dryer for drying to obtain usable dry concentrate or secondary grinding continues to extract minerals.