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Tin Ore Production Line

2023-04-05 16:39:40

Because the density of tin ore is higher than that of symbiotic minerals, gravity separation is generally used for tin ore beneficiation technology.

Crushing and Screening

The raw ore is crushed to 20mm, and then sieved into two sizes of 20~4 and 4~0mm.


The 20-4mm ore is pre-selected in a heavy-medium cyclone, and then pre-selected by a jig after a rod mill. The jig tailings are screened with a 2mm vibrating screen and +2mm is used as waste tailings, and -2mm enters the shaker for sorting.


After grind the jig and shaker concentrates separately, perform mixed flotation, and the mixed flotation tailings are shaken to produce qualified tin concentrates. The mixed flotation concentrate is finely ground for lead-zinc separation flotation, and lead-antimony concentrate and zinc concentrate are produced respectively.

Gravity Separation

The sludge enters the Φ300mm cyclone, and the overflow is passed through the Φ125mm and Φ75mm hydrocyclones to remove the fine sludge. After the sediment is concentrated and desulfurized by flotation, the cassiterite flotation is carried out.