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Gravity Separation Principle

2023-04-05 16:39:46

Gravity beneficiation (referred to as gravity separation) is based on the density of various minerals (usually called specific gravity), so the gravity, fluid power and other mechanical forces experienced in the moving medium are different, so as to realize the process of separating the ore particles by density.

Mineral particles and shapes will affect the accuracy of sorting by density. Due to the difference in density of various mixed mineral particles, the sedimentation speed and the degree of movement in the moving media (such as water, heavy media with a density greater than water, air, etc.) are different, so as to achieve the separation of minerals and all re-elections. The process is based on the sedimentation law of mineral particles in the selected medium.


①There must be a difference in density (or particle size) between ore particles;

②The separation process is carried out in a moving medium;

③Under the combined action of gravity, fluid power and other mechanical forces, the mineral The granules are loose and layered according to density (or granularity);

④The separated materials are separated under the transportation of the moving medium, and different final products are obtained.