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Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart

Whole Set Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart Including Crushing Machine Magnetic separator Gravity Separator

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  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart
  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart
  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart
  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart
  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart
  • Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart

Product Overview

With the current rapid development of science and technology, and the improvement of the degree of mechanization of mineral processing in the mining industry, the impurity content of many copper ore processing plants is also getting higher and higher, which directly reduces the recycling rate of copper ore resources, and also greatly reduces copper. The economic benefits of ore concentrators. The Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart plays a key role in improving the separation rate of copper ore, which can improve the economic benefits of beneficiation. The copper ore flotation machine is driven by the triangular transmission of the motor to rotate the impeller, which generates centrifugal action to form a negative pressure, promotes the mixing of the pulp, and refines the foam at the same time so that the minerals adhere to the foam and float to the pulp surface to form mineralized foam.

The design of the Copper Ore Processing Flow Chart is reasonable, the gap between the impeller and the cover plate is appropriate, which can effectively prevent wear and tear, and the wear resistance of the cover plate is very high.

Its internal tank does not have any moving parts, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

The slurry level is a single-point control, which can be adjusted automatically or manually.

We can design a flowchart according to your actual usage.

Operating Process

STEP 1: Crushing

1.Jaw Crusher for preliminary crushing:

2. Hammer crusher for second crushing

STEP 2: Grinding and Classifiying

Ball mill for grinding into powder:

STEP 3: Flotating


This Copper Flotation Process Advantages:

1. high efficient and energy-saving
2. Achieve the recycling using of water, low cost, and reduce the discharging of wastewater
3. Reduce the environment damage of ore processing
4. Reduce a lot cost for mineral owner
5. High recovery rate (85-92%)

Available Processing Flowchart for Different Minerals

tin ore

silica sand


coltan ore

gold silica sand


tantalum ore

zircon sand


cassiterite ore

gold sand

sand ore

tantalite ore

placer gold

chromium ore

Diamond ore

alluvial gold

Monazite Sand

copper ore

clay gold

tungsten ore

barite ore

river gold


chrome ore

river sand

wolfram ore

iron ore

River sand gold


manganese ore

sand gravel


barite ore



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